Ecole Montessori Papin

“Help me to help myself”

Dr. Maria Montessori

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Maria Montessori inspires us

Ecole Montessori School Papin is a bilingual school for children from 3 to 12 years of age.  Our school implements Dr. Montessori’s scientific pedagogy to guide all children in an inclusive environment.  We aim to allow each child to flourish both physically and intellectually as an independent being. We encourage each child’s sense of curiosity, wonder, and the desire to work independently.  In doing so the child will continue to learn and explore new fields of knowledge with enthusiasm.

The child is at the center of our educational mission. We strive to guide each child with his/her own intellectual, physical, social and emotional development with respect and dignity.  This consequently leads the child to their fullest potential.

Practical information

The school is located 107 Boulevard de Sébastopol in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris, opposite Square Emile Chautemps.

It’s near Réaumur Sébastopol metro station (lines 3 and 4) and the Strasbourg St. Denis metro station (lines 8 and 9), and bus n°38.


“Ecole Montessori Papin is a world of fulfillment for my two children. Learning through the senses, curiosity about knowledge, respect for individual rhythms, cohesion between children, autonomy of action and thought, and a sense of mediation are the foundations of the Papin School”.

“My son is now in his fifth year, and has become autonomous and empathetic. I see great phases of concentration in him. He has developed a keen sense of mediation, and has acquired autonomy of thought. Ecole Montessori Papin follows the French national education program, but simply teaches it in a different way, respecting each child’s rhythm without grading, which avoids comparisons between children. GRATEFUL”.

“I feel Montessori fosters children to have logical and critical thinking as well as encourages children to take responsibility for their education. This remains a foundation throughout their lives”.