Registration Process

    1. If you wish to enroll your child, or if you have questions regarding enrollment, please contact the school by email or complete the Contact Form on our website and return by email at [email protected]

    2. Following the receipt of your form, we will contact you to organize an individual meeting, without your child.  The goal of this meeting is to create a first contact with you and allow you to better understand our program.  This will allow you to judge if our program is appropriate for your child and family.

    3. Interested parents will be invited to our three group informational meetings organized at school in December, January, and February.

    4. Parents will then be invited to an individual meeting with their child and our educational team.  This meeting allows us to get to know each family better and encourages an exchange regarding your expectations and our Montessori program. During this meeting, we ask you to share specific information regarding your child(ren) which will allow us to better know him/her/them.

    5. Our enrollment form, with our School Procedure document, will be sent to you by email.  We ask that all forms are returned with a 600€ registration fee, within two weeks.

    6. We offer an inclusive school environment.  A child having specific needs will be considered according to the ability of our educational team to meet these needs.

    7. We organize a one-day trial visit in the month of April for the children in the Elementary Class (6 to 12 years).

    8. Confirmation of registration will be sent by email within two weeks.


Tuition fees

L’Ecole Montessori Papin is a private independent school that is directed by a non-profit association (Association 1901).  The school does not benefit from any government funding.

Part-Time Full Time
Childrens House
(3 to 6 years)
600€ (Registration fee)
6050 €
600€ (Registration fee)
8 650€
(6 to 12 years)
600€ (Registration fee)
9 150€

A 20% sibling reduction is applied to the second child’s tuition.

The school fees do not include lunch, which is either provided by the family or by our organic meal catering service.

Registration Request / Contact Us

This questionnaire is designed to better know your child, his/her needs as well as your family.  Please take the time to respond thoughtfully.

Please print our form, complete and return it by email to: [email protected]

Download the Registration Form